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How to set up quizzes in your training module

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Quizzes can be added to your training module for employees to complete.

To add a quiz to a training module, follow the below steps:

1. Go to the training module via the left-hand toolbar

2. Click on the "Manage" tab at the top and then create a new training program

3. Go through the training setup until you reach the "Questions" page

4. Click on "Add a Question" to start adding quiz questions

5. Enter the Question, and then add answers in the "Possible answers" section.

6. To change the correct answer, click on the checkmark to the right of the field.

7. Go through the rest of the Training setup and launch your training program.

8. Your users will receive the training notice in their inbox.

9. Once they have completed the quiz, users can see their results by returning to their inbox, clicking the training item again, and clicking "Complete training."

10. Admins can see the results of a user's training by going to the "Company Training" tab, filtering to completed training, then clicking on the user who completed training.

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