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Add an external user to the platform
Add an external user to the platform

Have a consultant or a user you would like added the platform for who isn't an employee? The external user feature is made just for you!

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The external user option on the Collage platform is designed for users who require access the platform but are not employees of the company, this can include a consultant of any kind. Please note that external users will not be able to request time off on the platform.

External users also do not have an added cost.

External users can only be created by a Super Admin on the account. To create an external user begin in the Company Settings section.

  1. After selecting Company Settings click on Users under the Security & Billing section.

2. Click on the Invite External User Button

3. Fill in your consultant or User's name and email address to determine where we send their invitation. Finally pick a role that you would like them to be assigned. External Users can be chosen as Superadmins or any Custom Role to if you're looking to add granularity in their permissions.

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