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The Collage Home Page
The Collage Home Page
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Our new Collage Home Page will now be the first page a Collage user sees whenever they log into Collage. It provides useful information and functionality at a glance for both admins and employees.

A new button on the left-hand navigation bar allows you to navigate to the new page from anywhere in Collage.

This article will go through the home page and describe its functionality and the difference between what admins see vs. what employees see.


The first thing admins will see is the Insights section. Insights will show all of the tasks that need to be completed, either by the admin or by other employees via the Company Inbox.

The items written in blue and red are clickable and will take you to the respective list of tasks that need to be completed.

Insights are only visible to super admins, employees will not see this section.

What's Going On

Below the Insights section is the What's Going On section. This section is visible to both admins and employees, though only users with announcement permissions will be able to post announcements. Admins can choose to hide birthdays, start dates, and anniversaries via Company Settings.

The What's Going On section shows company events and announcements in chronological order. The first thing that will be visible is any events coming up in the next 7 days, like birthdays and any first days of work:

Reactions can be added to announcements by users who see the announcement, similar to Slack. Users can also comment on announcements directly from the activity feed.

The activity feed will also show updates going back 30 days, and then updates from the past 6 months in a separate section below that:

Company Info

At the top right of the home page users will see their company name, headcount details, whether or not anyone is on leave, and company logo.

These details are visible to both employees and admins. Admins can edit the company logo and choose to hide headcount information via Company Settings.

Time Off

Below the company info, users will be able to see their available time off balances and book time off straight from the home page.

Now, users can see their time off information and book time off without needing to navigate to their tab in the employee page.

Important Payroll Dates

Below the time off widget, payroll admins will see their upcoming payroll cutoff and pay dates.

Previously, these dates would be communicated through email. Now payroll admins have a visible reminder whenever they log in.

People Off Today

Employees who are off for the day will be visible below the Important Payroll Dates section, with their duration of time off displayed below their name.

This section makes it easy to see which of your coworkers or employees is off and plan around how long they will be off.

Admins can hide this section via the dashboard settings in Company Settings

Company Links

Below the People Off Now section will be the Company Links section. These links are visible to admins and employees, and can be customized by admins via Company Settings.

This is a great place to put links to employee payroll and benefits logins, as well as links to any company websites or externally-hosted company documents.

This section will only be visible if links have been added. To add links, go to the Company Links section in the Dashboard settings.

Dashboard Settings

The Company Settings page will now include a new panel for Dashboard Settings.

Clicking "Visibility Preferences" will allow admins to customize what appears on the Home Page.

Clicking "Company Links" will allow admins to add, edit, or remove company links that appear on the Home Page.

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