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How to create and send Offers in Collage
How to create and send Offers in Collage

How to use Collage's Offer module.

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You've finally found the right candidate for your job and you want to formally send them an offer via Collage. Where do you start?

In this article, we'll walk you through the steps you'll take in order to set up and send a new offer.

Adding a company logo

Adding your logo to Collage will show your logo in all offer pages and offer emails.

To add a logo, go to Company Settings and click General Info.

Creating a template

Templates are created by admins for hiring managers to use when sending out offers. Collage has provided a default template to use, but if you'd like to create your own template, you can do so in one of two ways:

  1. Go to the Offer page, click Send New Offer, and click "Create New Template" from the dropdown:

  2. Or, find Offer Templates by going to Company Settings and scrolling down to the Platform section:

From here you will see a list of existing templates. If you have never created a template, you will see our default template.

When you click the "Create New Template" button in the top right, you will be taken to a page where you can create a new template.

From this page you can name the template, and select if the offer page and emails to the candidate will be in English or French.

Below this you will find the text editor, where you can write the content of the template and add dynamic fields that will be filled out when the offer is being created.

In addition to the standard dynamic fields from our Documents module, we have also included the ability to add your own fields. In the example below, Vacation Days is not part of the standard fields and needs to be added:

This field will be filled out when the offer is sent, and we will cover this in the Sending an Offer section.

Below the text editor is an email attachments section. From here, you can upload documents that will be attached to every single offer that uses this template.

For example, you may choose to send an employee handbook with every offer, and this allows you to do that without having to manually attach it to each offer.

Once you click the Save button at the bottom of the page, you've created your template! Now, how do you send it?

Sending an offer

Offers can be sent from one of two places: the Offers page, or from a candidate's page in the Recruiting module.

From the Offers page, click Send New Offer. From here you can select the Template we just created:

When you click the template, you'll see the template contents on the right, and the fields to be filled out on the left:

First Name, Last Name, and Email are all mandatory fields whether they were added to the template or not, as this information is needed in order to send the offer.

Offer Expiry Date is not mandatory, but if an expiry date is added it will appear in the candidate's offer even if it is not in the template, and candidates will not be able to accept an offer after it has expired.

The text highlighted in blue can be filled out using the fields on the left:

The text in blue can only be edited using the fields on the left-hand side of the page. However, the rest of the offer can be edited however you want using the text editor.

The text in blue can also be deleted from the offer. If you do this by accident, simply use your browser's Undo function to reverse it.

Below the text editor you will once again see the Email Attachments section. You can remove the default attachments for this offer, or choose to add your own:

Once you have finished creating the offer, you can choose to preview it and send it. Previewing will show you exactly what the candidate will see when they view their offer.

When you click Send Offer, you will see a confirmation box pop up.

If you're happy with how the offer looks, click Send Offer, and the candidate will receive the Offer!

Sending an offer using the ATS

You can also send an offer directly to an existing candidate.

We've added a new Offer stage to the candidate pipeline. When you're ready to offer the position to a candidate, move them to the Offer stage, and a cyan Send Offer button will appear above their name.

When you click this button, you'll select a template again, and the candidate's information will automatically be filled out.

Tracking the status of an offer

Once you've sent your offer, it will appear in the Offers page showing the current status and expiry date:

When the candidate opens the email, the email status will change from Unopened to Opened:

When the candidate clicks the "View Offer" button in the email, the offer status will change from Not Viewed to Viewed:

Both statuses will include a timestamp:

And finally, when they have accepted, a green "Accepted" tag will appear beside their name:

Hiring the candidate

From here you can hire the candidate in one of three ways:

You can click the "Hire Employee" button in the email you receive when the candidate has accepted their offer:

You can click the dot menu to the right of the candidate in the Offers page and click Hire:

Or you can view the Inbox item that is assigned when the candidate accepts an offer:

From here, you can onboard them like any other employee.

You're done! You've created an offer, sent it to an employee, and they've just accepted it.

Below we'll take a look at what the candidate sees, as well as what happens if an offer is not accepted.

What the employee sees when receiving an offer

When an employee receives an offer, they will see the following email:

When they click the View Offer button, they will be taken to a screen where they can view and accept their offer and any attachments you may have added.

When they have accepted their offer, they will be informed that their hiring manager will be in touch about onboarding:

If an offer expires, the employee will not be able to access it after the expiry date and will be notified the offer has expired. They will also receive email notifications before their offer expires.

Editing an offer

If the candidate has seen the offer and you have negotiated different terms with them, you can edit and resend the offer to the candidate.

To do this, you can click the dot menu beside the candidate's offer, and click Edit. This will take you through the same template creation flow you went through to send the offer, but you can edit the information.

The candidate will receive a new email with the edited offer. If they click the link to the old offer, they will only see the new offer.

Revoking or deleting an offer

If you and the candidate were not able to agree on employment terms, you can revoke the offer. To do this, click the dot menu beside the Offer and select "Revoke:"

You will be able to add a reason for revoking the offer:

The candidate will then be moved to the Revoked offers section, accessible by the filter at the top right of the page.

From this section, you can also click the candidate's name to view the reason for their offer being revoked.

If you would like to permanently delete a revoked offer and no longer have a record of it in Collage, you can click the dot menu again and you will see a Delete option.

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