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Cancelling your Collage subscription
Cancelling your Collage subscription

Exporting your data and cancelling services.

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This article will walk you through the steps to take to cancel your Collage subscription.


Cancelling Payroll

Before you can cancel your Collage subscription, you will need to cancel your Collage payroll sync. Our payroll team will settle on a final payroll date with you to ensure no interruption in payroll when you stop using Collage.

To cancel payroll, go to your Billing Page in Company Settings:

From there, click the "cancel your payroll services" text under the Cancel Subscription panel and request to cancel payroll.

Once you have cancelled payroll, you can cancel your subscription. Before cancelling your subscription, you can export your data for future use.

Exporting Reports

Exporting employee info

The first report we recommend you save is the employee info export. This report will contain information for all employees. To create and save this report, follow the steps below.

First, go to Reports, then create a custom report:

Name your report, and then select the checkbox to the left of every panel. This will select all the fields in that section to be displayed in the report.

In the Job section, if you want to export all individual changes to an employee's job info instead of just the most recent change, you will need to select the "Show entire history of employment records" checkbox.

Once you have finished, click Continue at the bottom right.

On the next page you can change the order of fields by clicking and dragging the buttons to the right of each field.

When you are satisfied with the order of fields, click Continue.

On the next page, you can filter the report results. These filters will be applied to the generated report, but can be changed or removed when viewing the report. This is helpful if, for example, you want to export separate reports for each department or location.

Once you have finished applying filters, you will be able to view the details of the report before creating it.

Once created, you can then export the report as an Excel or CSV file:

Other reports

We recommend exporting these reports as they will contain information not present in the employee info export. All of these reports are available on the Reports page and can be filtered and exported as Excel or CSV files.


  1. Employee Goals

    1. Set date range from the earliest day you started using Collage, to today.

  2. Check-Ins

  3. Performance


  1. Survey Responses

  2. Survey Responses (Anonymous)

Time Off

  1. Time Off Balances

    1. By default today will be selected. If you would like balances as of another date, simply select it from the date picker.

  2. Time Off Requests

    1. Set date range from the earliest day you started using Collage, to today.

  3. Payroll Reconciliation

    1. Set date range from the earliest day you started using Collage, to today.


  1. Candidates

    1. This will not include candidate documents like resumes and cover letters.

Exporting Documents

Employee, candidate, and company documents must be exported manually.

Employee documents

  1. Find the employee whose documents you want to export via the Employee Directory

  2. Go to the Documents tab

  3. Click the document and save it from your browser.

  4. Repeat this for other employees and documents.

Candidate documents

  1. Find the candidate whose documents you want to export either via their page in the job they applied to, or in the candidates tab in recruiting

  2. Scroll to their documents

  3. Click to download their documents

  4. Repeat this for other candidates and documents.

Company documents

  1. Go to Documents in Company Settings.

  2. For each document you want to save, click the Preview button to the right of the row it is in

  3. Save the document from your browser

Cancelling Subscription

Once you have exported all of your information, and you have confirmed that your employees will no longer need access to Collage for anything, you can finalize the subscription cancellation process.

From Company Settings, return to the Billing Page. Click Cancel Subscription, and go through the confirmations.

Once you have confirmed, your subscription will be canceled in 30 days. Your subscription will not be renewed, and will automatically be canceled once the 30 days have passed.

Thank you for using Collage, and we're sorry to see you go!

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