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Interview Guides in Collage

How to create and use Interview Guides in Collage

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An interview guide is a template of questions that recruiters can ask candidates during interviews. They can be used to make sure interviews are structured and that useful information is being sought from the candidate.

Interview guides can be created in Collage and filled out for any candidate.

Creating an Interview Guide

Interview Guides can be created by going to the Interview Guides tab of the Recruiting module (1), and clicking the Add an Interview Guide button (2):

From here you can add a name for the Interview Guide (1) and add the questions to be answered (2):

In the pop-up to add a question, add the question that the interview will ask.

Once you've added your questions, you can click Save, and you will be ready to use your Interview Guide.

Filling out an Interview Guide

To fill out an Interview Guide, go to the candidate's page in the job posting, and click the clipboard icon:

From here you will be prompted to select an Interview Guide, or create a new one:

Once selected, the answers can be filled out. Answers are automatically saved as they are entered, so you will not lose your progress if you leave the page.

Once submitted, these answers will appear in the candidate's timeline, associated with the person who filled out the answers:

For any other questions, reach out to our support team using the chat button on the bottom right of this page, or at anytime.

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