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Collage's End of Year Checklist for 2022 🎉
Collage's End of Year Checklist for 2022 🎉

A guide to getting your Collage platform ready for the new year!

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✅ 1) Review your time off

Holidays: This holiday season the Christmas Day and New Year's Day statutory holidays fall on a weekend. We encourage everyone to review the stat holidays as listed in Collage and adjust as needed to reflect the needs and rules for your team. Learn more about adding Company Holidays here.

**TIP: Review the Time Off Requests report to ensure employees have not submitted requests before a holiday has been added to the platform. Previously submitted requests will NOT be automatically adjusted.

Time off balances include ONLY the days relevant for the current time off policy year. That means no negative available balances due to days booked next policy year.

**TIP: Forecast the number of days an employee will have remaining at the end of the year by pulling a Time Off Balances report and selecting Dec 31 2022 as the effective date.

+ Send a reminder to employees with remaining vacation days

Late fall is a great time to send a quick note to your team reminding them of the rules of their time off policy as well as to use any remaining vacation or lieu days for the year. Use Collage to send out an announcement to your entire team, or just a select group.

**TIP: As an Admin, you can also view available days for all employees on the Time Off Summary page and using the drop down menu choose the applicable time off type.

+ Review carryover rules

No more lost days! Review the carryover rules for each type of time off, within each policy, to ensure the right type of carryover takes place at your year end. Navigate to your policy, then Time Off Rules to view and update the rules. Learn more about time off policies here.

+ Set anniversary bonuses

While you're there, take a look at your anniversary bonus rules defined within each time off type. They’ll apply to employees automatically at the anniversary you've defined.

+ Add 2023 holidays

We've updated our Holidays section to include statutory holidays for 2023. Take a moment to review by navigating to Holidays and then selecting 2023 from the drop down menu. This automatically applies Canadian statutory holidays to eligible employees. Note that Provincial holidays are based on the province of work for your employees.

**TIP: Custom Holidays can be added here too. Think additional company-wide, US, or international holidays observed by all or some of your team based on their location.

✅ 2) Employee data check

Are all of your employees on Collage? Easily confirm the status of your team by clicking through the Employees section. If you are missing an employee, you can "hire" them one by one, or contact us (use our chat in the bottom right) to to add multiple team members.

**TIP: Pull a Personnel report to get a high level overview of all employees and their data.

✅ 3) Maintain compliance

+ Review your documents

Has everyone on your team completed the required training / documents to keep your company in compliance? Navigate to your Company Documents section to view documents assigned to team members and their status.

  • If you need to re-share a document, OR upload and share a new document to complete, you can do so here too

  • Get more out of your documents: Use the Annotated Documents feature to insert dynamic fields within your document, and collect e-signatures

✅ 4) Performance

End of year often means it's time for performance reviews. Use Collage to set up and manage your Annual 360 Reviews and set Goals to help propel your people forward into 2023 with purpose.

**TIP Easily duplicate question sets for your Reviews! Navigate to the question set and then hit the three dots to the right of it to duplicate.

✅ 5) Benefits

It's good practice to take a moment and review the status of your team's benefits enrolments. If you've enabled benefits with Collage, you'll be able to review enrolments and ensure all eligible employees are enrolled in the right class of benefits. You can also enrol team members directly from this screen.

As always, we are here to help! If you'd like to chat, hit the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and a member of our support team will be happy to assist.

Thank you!

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