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Submitting a Performance Check-In to a manager
Submitting a Performance Check-In to a manager

For employees, a brief explanation of what happens when submitting a Check-In.

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One-on-ones with your leader(s) are your time to share feedback, updates, roadblocks, and accomplishments. Collage Check-Ins help make this process easier and get the conversation flowing head of the one-on-one meeting. Below are simple instructions for submitting a Check-In.

Submitting a Check-In

1. Log in to Collage and click the Performance tab at the top. If it's been a while since you last submitted a Check-In, you may have also received an email reminder with a link to start your Check-In.

2. Click the Check-In button next to the leader you are checking in with.

3. Answer each of the questions from your leader and click Submit Check-In at the bottom of the page.

What's next?

Your leader will be notified that you have submitted a Check-In. No technology can replace human interaction, so you should still schedule a face-to-face meeting with your manager shortly after the Check-In has been submitted (or video chat if you work remotely!) The answers you submit will act as a framework for those in person conversations. If your leader adds feedback when completing the Check-In, you will receive an email notification and can view the comments in your Check-In history.

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