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Setting up the Collage app for Slack
Setting up the Collage app for Slack

How to set up the Collage app in your Slack workspace.

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This article will explain how to set up and use the Collage app for Slack. Collage offers an integration for Slack that lets your managers and employees approve and request time off directly from Slack.

Adding the Collage app for Slack to your company's Slack workspace

To set up the integration, go to Company Settings, and scroll to the bottom of the page to the Integrations panel, and click Slack:

On the next page, click the Add To Slack button and follow the steps on screen to add the app to your workspace:

Using the Collage app for Slack:

Once you've added the Collage app for Slack to your workspace, you will receive a message letting you know how to use the app:

To request time off, go to the Home Tab and click the Submit New Time Off Request button:

You will be prompted to select your time off type, start and end date, and add any notes if relevant before sending the request to be approved:

Note: if you would like to book custom hours, or if you are a manager needing to delegate time off approval for when you are on vacation, you will need to request time off directly from Collage.

If you are a manager and an employee whose time off you need to approve submits a request, you will receive it as a message in the Collage app for Slack:

(You will also continue to receive these requests via email.)

The Home Page will also show your 10 most recent Time Off requests:

The home page will also show who is off today:

Visibility settings for People Off Today can be toggled in Company Settings. Going to the Collage app for Slack's settings page will link to the page where it can be toggled:

For information on Collage's privacy policy, please follow this link:

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