Roles & Permissions Overview
Roles control what employees can see and do in Collage.
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What is a role in Collage?

A role is a group of permissions that control a person's access to features and data.

  • Employees can be assigned multiple roles.

  • The Manager Role is auto assigned to employees who have at least one person reporting to them. Customize this role's permissions to control what level of access you want managers have to employee data.

  • The Super Admin Role should only be assigned to people who should have the highest level of access in Collage. It allows people to do and see everything in Collage including adding other admins and controlling roles and permissions. Since this role grants a user access to everything, its permissions cannot be edited.

  • Custom roles can be fully customized and individually assigned to users.

  • There are 2 types of permissions: Feature Permissions and Employee Data Permissions. The manager role can only be assigned Data Permissions, but Super Admins have all feature and data permissions by default, while custom roles can be assigned a combination of both.

Feature Permissions: What people with this role can do and the actions they can perform.

Employee Data Permissions: What information people with this role can see about all or a specific group of employees.

An employee can be assigned multiple roles

A role can be assigned to multiple employees

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