Getting started

To get started with surveys on collage you will want to navigate to the surveys section under performance. To do this you will want to click on performance in the left side menu, then click surveys below. 

Once on the survey page you will see a list of any previously created surveys, or "No surveys to display" if there has not been any surveys created previously. 

Creating a survey

To start creating your survey, click the blue Create New Survey button on the top right of the page while under the survey tab. You will be directed to a Survey creation flow. 

1. Name your survey

The first step to creating your survey is to name it. Pick a name that represents the survey and its intention. 

At this point you can also choose whether you'd like your survey to be anonymous. This will allow employee responses to be anonymized when viewed.

2. Adding and Remove Questions

Now it is time to create the questions for your survey! All of the questions in your survey can be answered using a range of 1-5.

To add a new question to the survey select + Add new question at the bottom of the page. This will populate a new question template to fill out. When you add a new question the possible answers will auto-populate with Strongly disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, and Strongly Agree. These answers can be change by clicking in the answer field and typing your own. 

Don't worry about the order of your questions here. You can rearrange them in the next step!

To remove a question simply click the trash bin icon to the right of the question template.

Note: Once you save and launch your survey, there will be no way to change  questions or response options.

3. Setting Question Order

In this step you can rearrange the order of the questions you created. Simply click the two lines to the right of the question, and drag it to where you want it to be.

5. Adding Employees

In this step you can pick which employee will be receiving the survey. You can send the survey company wide, or select employees by location, department or name. 

Note: Once you save and launch your survey, you will be able to remove participants, but will be unable to new 

5. Review, Due Date and Launch

The last step in the creating flow is review and launch. On the review page it is important to look over all of the information and make sure it is correct. Once the review has been launched, there will be no way to go back and edit it. When everything looks good click Finish. A pop up will appear asking for a due date. This due date will tell the system when to send reminder emails to employee, and when to end the survey.

Once you you click Save the survey will be launched to all of the employees included. Employees will receive an email notifying them about the survey, and will have have a task in their collage inbox.

Edit and delete surveys

Edits a draft survey: To edit a survey you haven't launched click the three dots to the right of the survey name, then click Edit from the dropdown that appears. This will bring you back into the creation flow of the survey.

Note: You will be unable to edit a survey once it has been launched.

Delete a survey: To edit a survey click the three dots to the right of the survey name, then click Remove from the dropdown that appears. This will cause a pop up to appear to make sure you want to delete the survey.

Note: This will delete the review along with all of the results.

Removing an employee from a survey

To remove a certain employee from a survey, click the three dots to the right of their name, then select remove from the drop down that appears.

You're all done!

If you have any questions about setting up announcements please reach out to our support team at or through the live chat on your page!

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