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Survey Reports

How to use and export survey reports

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The results of surveys you run using Collage can be exported as CSV or Excel files.

First, navigate to Reports via the left-hand toolbar.

Then, scroll down to the Surveys section where you will a report for both surveys and anonymous surveys.

The default view for either report will show you every response from every regular or anonymous survey that you have sent out.

You can filter down to the specific survey(s) or parameters you would like to see the results from via the filter dropdown in the top-right


Once you are satisfied with the parameters of the report, you can export it using the blue Export button to the top right of the table.

The report for anonymous surveys is similar, but the only columns are the survey name, the question and answer, and the due date. The only filters are survey name and due date.

Respondents will only appear in a survey once they have answered the survey.

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