We’re excited to announce the release of some highly-requested features!

Below is a summary of our new features. Clicking the links below will take you to instructions on how to access these features.

Exportable performance reviews

Performance reviews can now be exported as PDFs or spreadsheets.

Individual performance reviews can be exported as PDFs, and sets of performance reviews can be exported as spreadsheets.

Moving candidates between jobs

Candidates can now be assigned to different jobs, and the change in job history will appear in the timeline for that candidate.

Uploading documents to candidates

Documents other than resumes/CVs/cover letters can now be uploaded to a candidate profile for reference.

Password reset for admins

Admins now can now reset passwords for users at their companies without having to reach out to Collage Support.

The user will receive a password reset via email.

Security enhancements

Sensitive employee information like SINs and banking information are now hidden behind password dots by default.

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