Since our last product update, we've been working on training, multi-factor authentication, improvements to how we collect gender information, and searchable benefit updates.

Below is a summary of our new features. Clicking any links below will take you to instructions on how to access these features.

Training Enhancements

The following updates have been made to training:

  1. Employees now have access to the Training module to manage their training

  2. The button to create a new training program has been moved to the new Manage tab

  3. Admins can now complete training on behalf of an employee via the new Company Training tab

  4. Training programs include an overview bar showing progress

  5. Training programs can now be duplicated

  6. Links added to the description in training programs are now clickable

  7. Employees are now added after a training program is launched via an "Add assignees" button.

For more information, please read our updated Training document.


Admins can now assign quizzes as part of a training program. Employees will be prompted to complete the quiz after training, and both admins and employees can view their results.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication is now available on Collage in the form of either SMS-based or authenticator-based authentication (recommended). Multi-factor authentication must be activated for your whole organization. Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your organizations, asking users to verify their login with a code send to their phones.

Improving how we ask for gender information

Before this change, an employee would be asked to enter their gender identity as "Male," "Female," "Other," or "Prefer not to say," during onboarding.

We realized that "Other" was a reductive word that did not properly allow some Collage users to accurately display their identity on the platform.

Users can now add their gender identity during onboarding instead of only being able to select "Other."

This change will appear on their employee info page as well.

Searchable benefit updates

Benefit updates can now be searched through by first or last name using the search bar at the top of the Updates page.

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