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Creating and managing training programs
Creating and managing training programs

How to set up and manage training programs for employees to complete.

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Continuous learning is always important and that is why Collage empowers you to task employees to learn new things. From work safety training to new company policies, this feature is how we help you build up your team.

Creating a training program

1. Start creating a new program

Navigate to your Training module, click on the "Manage" tab, and click on the Create a Training Program button on the right-hand side.

2. Name your training program

First, provide a name for your new program.

You can also make this training program applicable to new hires by ticking the box under the naming field. You will be able to access and assign the training program to new hires from the Hire page.

Example from the Hire page:

3. Set a due date

Next, specify whether you want your employees to complete this program within a specific time frame after the program launch (or employee start date for new hires).

4. Fill out the description

Right after the due date, you will be able to provide more details on the program and also links to any external training resources.

Linking to external resources

If employees need to complete training outside of Collage, you can provide the link to the source in the description box.

Highlight the text that you want to be clickable, click the hyperlink button to the right of the underline button, and paste the link you want the clickable text to lead to. This link will be clickable when the employee is completing their training.

Click "Continue" after you have filled out the description to proceed to training documents.

5. Training documents

If you want to add any documents simply drag and drop the document into the box provided or click the box to browse through your files.

6. Add a training quiz

If you would like your employees to complete a quiz as part of this training program, click on "Add a Question" to add a quiz question.

More information can be found in our Training Quizzes article.

Click "Continue" to review and launch.

7. Review and launch training training

Review the details of your training program, and then click Finish to launch training.

8. Assign employees

Once you see the overview bar at the top, your training is live and you can enrol employees into training.

To do this, click "Add assignees" at the bottom of the empty table, and then add employees. You can add all employees to a training program, or add specific employees by name, department, or location.

After clicking "Save," employees will be assigned to the training program and notified.

More employees can be added in the future by returning to the training program and clicking "Add assignees" again.

What employees see

Employees will receive a task in their inbox when training is launched. They can open documents by clicking on them. Once they have completed the training, they can mark the task as complete. 

Employees can also access their training programs by clicking on "Training" in the toolbar on the left-hand side of the pave.

From the Training page, employees can view individual training programs and any quizzes by clicking the respective training program. They can also toggle between complete and incomplete training via a filter in the top-right.

Managing training tasks

When you go to the Manage tab of your Training module, you will be able to review at a glance how many people have completed a training program in the table.

You can track who still has not completed the training program by clicking on the training program. An overview bar will show you the progress of how many employees have completed training.

To Edit, Duplicate, or Delete a training program, click on the ••• menu button next to the training program name.

Duplicating a training program will have a similar user experience to Editing it, but will create a new training program with the entered information instead of editing an existing one.

Note: If you want your new hires to complete a training program at the time of hiring, make sure not to delete it after all your current employees complete it.

Lastly, if you would like to complete training on behalf of an employee, simply:

  1. Click the Training button in the left-hand toolbar

  2. Go to the Company Training tab

  3. Click on the name of the employee on whose behalf you want to complete training, and

  4. Click the Complete Training button at the bottom of the page

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