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Setting up two-step approval for time off requests
Setting up two-step approval for time off requests

Enable two-stage approval option to require two people to approve a time off request.

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In certain cases, your company might have a policy where an HR manager or an executive need to approve a time off policy after an employee's manager.

Enabling two-step approval process

To change the default, single approval state, navigate to the Time Off module > click on the time off policy name you need > then on the Time Off Rules section on the left hand side, and choose the time off type that you want to make the changes to. Scroll to the bottom of the page that opens and you will see a section called Approvals.

Pick the Two-step approval option. Then from the dropdown menu, choose who needs to do a second touch for this type of time off requests:

  • an employee's Manager,

  • Manager's Manager, or

  • a specific person.

Then click on Save & Continue to save the changes you've made and you're done!

Note: With Collage, your time off approval rules are managed on a time off type level within your policy. So you can enable a two-step approval only for certain requests, such as vacation days, and manage the other types separately.

Important: The second person will only receive a notification to approve a time off request when the first person (employee's manager) has approved the request on their side. If the request has been rejected at the first stage, no further notifications will go out to the person you've selected for the second approval.

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