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Adding a new time off type to an existing time off policy
Adding a new time off type to an existing time off policy

It's easy to modify an existing policy with a new time off type.

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Add a new time off type to an existing policy to accommodate changes to your organization. Adding a new time off type allows Super Admins to track time employees request under that name. Time off types can also track time used towards Working from Home or Volunteering.

Step 1: Navigate to Time Off > Types then hit the blue + Add Type button and enter in the name of the time off type, then save. 

Pop-up window which appears when + Add Type button is selected.  Option to enter time off type name and save changes or cancel addition.

Step 2: Navigate to Time Off > Policies and select the name of the policy you'd like to add this type to. **NOTE: If you're planning to add this type to multiple policies, you will need to complete this and the following steps for each policy as they are separate entities.

Step 3: Within the policy, click on Time Off Types in the sub-menu, check off your new time off type, then hit the Save & Continue button.

Step 4: Click on Time Off Rules in the sub-menu and then again on your new type. Fill out the rules for this time off type including how many days are included, how it's accrued, carryover rules and more.

Step 5: Once done, click the Save & Continue button. A modal will pop up asking when you want this to take effect. 

  • If you want this type to be available now, select the first option, which will date back to the beginning of your current time off year.

  • If you want this type to be available next year, select the second option.

Hit Continue to save.

Step 6: Review the employees in this policy OR click anywhere on the main Collage left side menu to exit the Time Off section. 

Step 7: View employee balances for your new time off type by navigating to Time Off > Summary > select the time off type in the top right corner.

And you're done! Employees can now view this new allocation in their profiles and request as usual.

As always, we're here to help! Navigate to and use our chat in the bottom right corner, or email your account manager or for assistance. 

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