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Creating a Performance Check-In Cycle
Creating a Performance Check-In Cycle

Set up a Check-In Cycle between a leader and a group of employees.

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Use this guide to create a Check-In Cycle between a leader and a group of employees. This Check-In Cycle will act as a framework for encouraging frequent one-on-one conversations and allow you, the admin, to ensure leaders are in fact meeting with employees.

Creating a Check-In Cycle

1. Click on Performance in the top navigation.

2. Click the blue New Check-in Cycle button on the right side of the page

3. Enter a name for the Check-In and click Continue. Most customers use the department name (i.e. "Sales Check-In") or the name of the leader who will lead this Check-In Cycle.

4. Select the people who will lead one-on-ones in this Check-In Cycle. This is most likely to be managers and team leads, but it could also be employees who will lead a Check-In with others employees that do not directly report to them.

5. This is where you choose the employees who have one-on-ones with the leaders you identified in the previous step. Choosing Direct reports will select all the employees according to the "Manager" field in their profile. If you want to setup a one-on-one between the leader and the employees who do not report directly to them, select Custom and pick the desired employees. Once you are ready, click Continue.

6. Select how frequently you want employees to be having Check-Ins with their leaders.

7. Enter the questions employees should answer and submit to their leaders. We've included five best practice questions by default, but you can remove them and/or add your own. Once you have set up your questions, click Continue.

8. This is a review step to make sure you have entered everything correctly.

Note: Unless you disable introduction email communication, leaders and employees will be notified as soon as you launch the cycle (see the next step). There is also an email reminder option to notify employees when it's time to submit a Check-In, while leaders are always notified when answers have been submitted.

9. You are now ready to launch the Check-In Cycle. Scroll to the bottom of the review step and click I'm ready to launch. Once launched, employees will be able to log in to Collage and submit a Check-In to their leader.

10. You will be redirected back to the Performance dashboard where you will see your newly created Check-In Cycle. Click on the name of the Check-In Cycle to monitor how many days it's been since each employee has completed a Check-In with their leader.

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