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How to export candidate responses

Exporting answers candidates have left for custom questions when applying to a job posting

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This article will explain how to export candidate responses from Collage.

The Collage Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows you to add questions for candidates to answer when they are applying on a job you've posted. For more information on how to use the ATS, please see our support article here.

Responses that candidates have left to these questions can be exported in Collage, but only by using a specific filter. To export candidate responses:

1. Open the Candidates report by going to the Reports module on the left-hand navigation bar and scrolling down to Candidates:

2. In the report, select the position filter:

3. Select the individual position you would like to export responses from (responses will only show up if a single position is selected)

4. To view the answers in the table, scroll to the right until you start seeing column headers with the questions:

5. To export, simply click the export button and select whether you would like to export a CSV or XLS file:

To export positions from multiple jobs, repeat this process and filter to the next job you want to export responses from.

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