Collage's ATS (Applicant Tracking System) makes it easy to post jobs to your website or job boards, accept applications, and move candidates through your hiring funnel.

Table of Contents:

Creating your job site and your first job posting on Collage

The above video will guide you through

  1. Setting up the job site that candidates will see your job postings on

  2. Creating a job position

  3. Customizing the questionnaire candidates fill out

  4. Customizing your candidate pipeline

  5. How to allow employees to refer candidates to your jobs

  6. Managing automated emails when candidates apply or are rejected

Managing postings and candidates in Collage

The above video will guide you through

  1. How to post your job from Collage to job boards

  2. What candidates see when they apply to your job on Collage

  3. How to add candidates directly to a job without needing an application

  4. How to manage the candidate pipeline and hire candidates

  5. How to view your list of candidates across all jobs

  6. How to create internal-only job postings

Sending offers in Collage

To learn more about how to send offers to candidates in Collage, please see our support article on the Offer module, in particular the section on sending an Offer directly from the ATS.

Using Interview Guides in Collage

Interview Guides allow you to specify questions that recruiters will ask on interviews. To learn more about creating and using Interview Guides, please see our support article on Interview Guides:

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