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Performance Check-ins
Complete a Performance Check-In as a manager
Complete a Performance Check-In as a manager
For leaders who have one-on-ones with employees
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Check-Ins are designed to help foster frequent and healthy conversations between team leaders and employees without creating overhead.  Check-ins consist of brief, customizable questionnaires designed to gauge employee performance, roadblocks, and engagement.

Completing a Check-In

Employees will be instructed to submit a Check-In to you in advance of your one-on-one meetings. Click here to see how an employee submits a Check-In. When an employee submits a Check-In, you will receive an email notification and under the Performance > Check-Ins I Lead tab an Awaiting 1:1 tag will appear next to their name.

  1. Click on the link in the email or log in to Collage and click Performance > Check-Ins > Check-Ins I Lead > Name of employee

  2. Remember that these Check-Ins are designed to facilitate one-on-one conversations in person, not replace them. Have this Check-In open during your one-on-one so you can review their Check-In together.

Check-Ins I Lead home screen with employees included in check-in cycle listed.   Awaiting 1:1 status tag present for one employee.

3. When you have completed your one-on-one with the employee, scroll to the bottom of the Check-In to add notes.

  • Use the Share Feedback section to include meeting notes from your conversation with the employee as well as additional feedback. The employee will be notified of shared feedback and will be able to retrieve it from their Performance history. 

  • Use Internal Notes for confidential notes related to performance, HR issues, or other notes you want to keep to yourself.

Final step of 1 on 1.  Options to enter feedback shared with employee and enter internal notes only visible to check-in leader.

4. Click Mark as complete to close out the Check-In and trigger the next Check-In cycle.

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