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Backdating time off
Backdating time off

Two options to adjust your employees' available days and account for the time your employees have taken off this year

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Looking to update your employees' time off balances? You're in the right place!

This article is for users who have already created their time off policies, enrolled their team members, and ensured that everyone's start date is correct.

If you've done all of that, here are two easy option to backdate time off:

1. Adjust available balances to reflect time taken off thus far for the year

a) Navigate to Time Off > Summary
b) Use the drop down to select the time off type you'd like to adjust
c) Find the employee name by using the search bar
d) Click on the +/- icon to adjust

While this doesn't provide a paper trail of time off taken, it's a quick and simple way to accurately update your team's available balances. Note, the Used column will not change. For that, see below.

2. Input backdated requests

a) Navigate to Time Off > Pending Requests > Request on behalf of
b) Select the employee
c) Select the type of time off
d) Select the start and end dates of the time off (*tip: Click on Specify Custom Hours to select less than 1 day)
e) Enter in any applicable notes
f) When complete, click Submit. Note that this request will follow the approval rules defined by you in your time off policy. 

Unlike Option 1 above, this option allows you to input transactions, updating both the available and used balances for employees. This is also a good place to manually input upcoming time off requests.

Now, sit back and relax. The time off module makes it easy for employees to manage their requests. Speaking of, isn't it time you booked a vacation? :)

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