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New survey types, survey reporting, and more!

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We have just launched the newest version of our Surveys module!

The new additions are:

  1. Surveys is now its own module

  2. 3 new survey types have been added

  3. Surveys can now be exported as CSV or Excel files

  4. A new setting has been added for survey permissions

Surveys Is Now A Top-Level Module

We pulled surveys out from under Performance and made it its own top-level module for easy access.

New Survey Types

Previously, the only type of survey answer available was the Sentiment type, which allowed a surveyee to select from a list of 5 answers.

We have kept the Sentiment type, and three new types have been added when creating a survey:

Single-line answer

The Single-line answer type allows employees to answer a question with a longer-form single-line answer instead of choosing from a list of answers.

Multiple choice (single answers)

The Multiple choice (single answer) type allows employees to choose 1 answer from a list of answers.

Multiple choice (multiple answers)

The Multiple choice (multiple answers) type allows employees to choose multiple answers from a list of answers.

For more information on how to use these new types, please refer to our updated support guide.

Survey Reports

The results of surveys can now be viewed as a table, and exported as CSV or Excel files.

We have added 2 reports for surveys:

Survey Responses

This report will show you the answers for all non-anonymous surveys you have sent out, and can be filtered by specific survey, department, location, and more:

Survey Responses (Anonymous)

This report is similar to the regular report, but will only show 4 columns: survey name, question, answer, and due date. This report can only be filtered by survey name and due date.

Survey Permissions

A new Survey Admin permission has been added to the list of permissions that can be assigned to custom roles.

Additionally, a new permission has been added for Survey reports:

Any user that had access to performance reviews prior to the new Surveys changes will continue to have access to Surveys.

If you have any questions or comments about our new Surveys additions, please feel free to reach out to our support team anytime.

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